16674 - 114 Avenue, Edmonton, AB Canada


Jan Pol and Jeff Martens had a vision. Their vision was to grow the tile industry in Western Canada and invest in the knowledge of our tile professionals.

To that end they created Unique Versatile Ltd.

There were three challenges that Jan and Jeff decided to address:

  1. A gap in the market for a variety of large format tile,
  2. Lack of skilled installers to work with large format tile, and
  3. Correct tools to work with large format tile.  

      1.  UVT Tile

      If you are in the market for large format tile, we have the tile for you. UVT tile is LEED certified, you receive 3 LEED Points, our tile is ISO certified and environmentally friendly. 

      2.  Tile Installation

      At UVT we take training seriously. If you are a tile professional and have questions regarding large format tile call or email us. We have a support line of experienced professionals with specialized knowledge who can lend an ear and offer suggestions.

      3.  Large Format Tile Tools - Montolit

      We are excited to bring you Montolit tools!  When working with large format tile, these tools are:

      • the right tool,
      • at the right place,
      • for the right project.

      Talk soon . . .


      Jan Pol  1 (780) 232-1390

      Jeff Martens   1 (780) 667-4807