16674 - 114 Avenue, Edmonton, AB Canada

About Us

Unique Versatile is run under the ownership of two highly qualified tile professionals- Jeff Martens and Jan Pol. Their careers have been built and formed in the tile industry. They have dedicated years to this field. The two of them personify a wealth of experience, knowledge and utmost integrity. They have performed in all aspects of the tile industry. Jeff has excelled as a shipper/receiver, installer, sales rep and wholesaler developer. Jan has gone from sales rep to manager of tile companies. He has proven to be adept at taking failing companies and turning them into highly profitable businesses. Both of them are recognized for going above and beyond for each individual customer. They spent five years working together to build up a wholesale/retail business. They were a perfect team, complimenting each other’s individual strengths.

After these years of accumulated experience they decided to start for themselves, to continue with their proven team. They had the same vision. Excellence above everything else. Excellence which would provide a unique experience. In 2020 they started establishing their own wholesale company- Unique Versatile. Unique Versatile opened its doors in 2021. Customers walk into an atmosphere of expertise. Their company is a continuation of all their satisfied customers. Customers who have never left. Customers waiting for them to open. Their years of experience and knowledge have made the foundation for Unique Versatile .Their honesty and integrity have built the walls. Excellent customer service and total accountability are the icing on top.

They have formed a solid customer base in Alberta and B.C. Jeff and Jan have done extensive research into the overseas market. This research has enabled them to choose excellent manufactures in Italy and Spain. After travelling to the manufacturing companies in Italy they can truly guarantee the quality of the tiles, optimal delivery and total reliability of these companies. To enhance these manufacturers they have sales reps from Italy and Spain based, right here, in Edmonton. The quality of the tiles speaks for itself.  Optimal customer service is the cornerstone of Unique Versatile.

However, they know, through their years of experience, that customer service must not end with sales. It must go further. So they provide an added dimension. They educate customers in proper installation of the products. They are on hand from the beginning to the end of all projects, no matter the size. Doing business with them will provide a satisfied tile experience never encountered before. A company stands or falls by its owners. Two better owners are not to be found. Except on Mars.

At Unique Versatile customers are listened to attentively and treated with respect.  Their requirements are met. Their wishes fulfilled. Tiles surpass all expectations.

Knowledge, experience, honesty and integrity deliver a unique experience-thus-UNIQUE VERSATILE.