About UVT

Unique Versatile is a small family owned business supporting Edmonton + area's building industry since 2021.  

Owner Jeff Martens' career journey, from shipper/receiver and tile installer to Sales Representative, Wholesaler Developer, and Owner of a small trucking company, has shaped his role at Unique Versatile. Committed to quality, genuine interactions, and continuous education, Jeff goes above and beyond for each customer. His extensive research and collaborations with Italian manufacturers guarantee top-tier products and availability for valued clients.


Unique Versatile is a distributor of porcelain countertops, slabs, sanitaryware, facades and 2 cm outdoor pavers.  Our collections are carefully sourced from top manufacturers like Atlas Concorde.

Our products are LEEDV4, carbon neutral + beautiful

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting."

Customer Service & Training

At Unique Versatile, we consider customer service and integrity as foundational pillars of our business philosophy. Your vision is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to offering steadfast support, guiding you seamlessly from the initial stages to the completion of your project.

We provide comprehensive education on correct installation techniques for our products. Jeff remains accessible throughout the entirety of every project, irrespective of its size, ensuring your success and satisfaction.

The cornerstone values of Unique Versatile are:

  • Quality:  We work solely with manufacturers with a proven track record for quality.
  • Reliability:  We proactively inform and equip our clients with realistic timelines related to materials and anticipated delivery dates, ensuring transparency and effective preparation for any possible hurdles.
  • Availability:  We strategically source and establish partnerships with manufacturers from both Italy and the U.S., ensuring they can substantiate the integrity of their supply chain.

  • Training:  We offer comprehensive product knowledge to our diverse clientele, offering training and support services to architects, designers, contractors, and dealers.

Knowledge, experience, honesty and integrity deliver a unique experience-thus-UNIQUE VERSATILE.